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Pusher / The Pips – Single Demo CD-R

Featuring 1 song from The Pips and 2 others from Pusher. The Pips debut with 'Ashes In The Wind', a song about the conspiracy murder of Altantuya. Pusher does their own version of A.R.T's 'Stop The Madness', together with another track called 'Media Obligator'

RM5.00 (postpaid) / RM3 (by hand)



Freygyle – Single Demo CD-R

Three Songs - 1)Kimberley(process) 2)Depopulation and the heat 3)Degrees of freedom. All songs are to be featured in Freygyle's coming full length album in September 2007

RM5.00 (postpaid) / RM3 (by hand)



The Ghoulies – Reclaim The World Cassete

16 tracks of Swedish political melodic punk rock. 'Reclaim The World ' is released in Europe by Rock Star Records Germany.

Punk rock with the fast touch, The Hellacopters could give you a clue.

For more info, go to The Ghoulies Site

RM7.50 / Sing $ 4.50 postpaid




Let's Do The Kamikaze Twist!!
Southeast Asian Tour | Limited Edition Cassete

31-track cassette featuring 20 songs by Vivisick and 11 by FOTB with full-colour sleeves and pro-pressed cassette tape. Over 47 minutes of mad thrashing intensity!

Limited print of 300 copies, released by Knot Records & ASAS Distro.

For more info, go to Vivisick/FOTB South East Asian Tour

RM7.50 / Sing $ 4.50 postpaid




Youngang– Canzoni Ribelli CD

Italian's anti-facist skinheads playing street Oi! music with extra tracks taken from some polka-folk band which does sound from the era of the Spanish Revolution.
This CD is a beneffit for the Anarchist Black Cross.

For more info,go to Lamette - Italian Punk Info
or Youngang's Site

RM12 / Sing $ 5 postpaid

Freygyle – All Votes No Vetoes single CD-R

3-tracks debut single
homemade recording.

RM3 / Sing $ 2 postpaid

Pusher – The Single Piss CD-R

3 new songs plus a video (use a computer to see the video).

RM4 / Sing $ 2 postpaid

Non-Conformity Volume I
compilation CD

Pro-pressed and pro-printed. Features Freygyle (Taiping), Toxin 99% (Ipoh), Pusher (Kuala Pilah), Kuchalana (KL-based Terengganu boys), The Bollocks (old tracks from these Kuala Pilah pioneers), Life in Avenue (Taiping), Disaster Funhouse (Ipoh), In-A-Sense (Taiping), Angst (Cheras), Reflection of Life (Taiping) and Carburetor Dung (KL)

old-school, new-school, no-school etc. all together for a bash. 23 tracks (one hidden!) with different styles of punk rock and hardcore mashed up together in (dis)harmony.

CD-only and yours for RM10 directly from Knot and RM12 from some music stores. Overseas people, write first. maybe we can trade!

note: special page with lyrics, pictures etc. coming soon.

Pusher –
Empunkyar Strikes Back EP CD-R

featuring 7-tracks of fun Punk Rock'n'Roll with touches of ska which soothes the ear.

Bringing in influences from the early 90s and also the 70s punk rock, this EP features Tom of The Bollocks on the track "Blue Hate"

available from us for
RM 5.00 / USD 2.00 or Sing$ 2.50 postpaid.

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Pusher – Empunkyar Strikes Back T-Shirt

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RM 18.00 / Sing $ 10.00 postpaid.

Non-Conformity comp T-Shirt

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Freygyle T-Shirt

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