Welcome to KNOT RECORDS!

Knot Records is a collective-run DIY record label operating out of Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

July 2007

NOW AVAILABLE: Two new releases after a long break:

Freygyle - Single Demo CDR
Pusher & The Pips - Single Demo CDR

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Knot Recs went a hiatus for quite a while!

June 2005

Together with ASAS Distro, we released 'Lets Do The Kamikaze Twist' cassete which is for Japan's Vivisick and Fuck On The Beach South East Asia tour. Also released The Ghoulies (Reclaim The World) from Sweden.

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Recordings 'Non-Conformity Volume II' is planned to start early next year. So bands interested, do contact us, send us any samples or demo from your latest jamming rehearsals.

August 2004 Pusher recorded one song 'Neo-Arqam Punk' (originally by The Bollocks) for 'The Savona Punk Rock Compilation, Italy'

June 2004Together with labels around the globe, we released Germany's Anti-Facist Oi! band Youngang - Canzoni Ribelli which is also a fund raiser for the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC).

April 2004 - We home-recorded the first release for a Kelantan pop punk band based in Shah Alam.'The Revenge Of The Killer Germs' - Without Voices EP.

Jan 2004– Freygyle: All Votes No Vetoes single CD-R

NOW AVAILABLE: features three new songs recorded at home. melodic punk rock in the veins of Lag Wagon & bad Religion.

CD-R only and yours for RM3 from Knot or go to the next DIY show in town.

June 2003 – Non Conformity Volume I is out now!

STILL AVAILABLE: features Freygyle (Taiping), Toxin 99% (Ipoh), Pusher (Kuala Pilah), Kuchalana (KL-based Terengganu boys), The Bollocks (old tracks from these Kuala Pilah pioneers), Life in Avenue (Taiping), Disaster Funhouse (Ipoh), In-A-Sense (Taiping), Angst (Cheras), Reflection of Life (Taiping) and Carburetor Dung (KL)

CD-only and yours for RM10 directly from Knot and RM12 from some music stores.

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Jan 20th 2003
– Knot Records second release, Non Conformity Volume I, a compilation of Malaysian punk/emo/hardcore bands is undergoing a bit of sound tweaking before release.

This compilation will be pressed on CDs only and should be available very soon.

Dec 31st 2002
– Knot Records' in-house band Pusher played at the Nevermind Rock The World III, Here's Unclogged XII show at No Black Tie.