dari jemapoh ke manchestee

What they said about DARI JEMAPOH KE MANCHESTEÉ:

"The film was made in a different genre and style than other Malay movies, which is why I wrote that it's actually about the possibilities of freedom."
– Amir Muhammad, Malaysian film critic & indie film activist | read more here

"The youthful emblem of rock 'n' roll plays another integral part of the film. Hishamuddin embraced both the music of his generation and that of today's - a symbiotic symphony between pop yeh-yeh of the '60s with contemporary punk rock/underground sounds. From Kassim "La Obe" Selamat to Carburetor Dung, the dynamic soundtrack was fused into the film and Dari Jemapoh ke Manchestee is brought to vibrant life in a blend of music and drama."
– Mel Tang, klue.com.my - July 27th 2001 | read more here

"Hishamuddin Rais' debut feature film marks a significant departure from traditional Malaysian cinema in its fresh and youthful narrative expression, and emerges as part of a new wave of Southeast Asian cinema."
– Christian Gaines (Hawaiian International Film Festival - hiff.org)

"What happens when you're a Manchester United fan who lives somewhere in Jemapoh, Malaysia? Why, go to Manchester of course. This first road movie by debut director Hishammuddin Rais is an offbeat adventure across the country's multi-cultures. From meeting punk rockers and skinheads in a bar to encountering crazy kidnappers, this one pulls out all the stops. And yes, they do get stopped for speeding."
– extract from the Singapore International Film Festival 1998

"I loved the Big Lebowski and I think Chinatown was a fantastic movie. I also think they mean nothing to us, where as "Dari Jemapoh ke Manchester" by Hishamuddin Rais speaks more to us as Malaysian youth."
– Kubhaer T. Jethwani (from the long gone cynicalbias site)

"Entertaining, fun and at times thought-provoking, Dari Jemapoh Ke Manchester is a film that should not be missed."
– Meor Shariman, The Malay Mail (28/7/2001) | read more here

"Filem yang mesti ditonton oleh semua yang bergejolak setelah kembara mencari arah."Feisal Tehrani - Dewan Budaya 1998 | seterusnya disini

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"Sebenarnya filem-filem tempatan tidaklah sepenuhnya gagal. Dua buah filem tempatan  yang membanggakan iaitu Jogho arahan U-Wei Haji Shaari dan DARI JEMAPOH KE MANCHESTEÉ arahan Hishamuddin Rais mendapat sambutan baik di festival-festival filem antarabangsa"
– A. Wahab Hamzah, Utusan Malaysia 1 Januari 1999