dari jemapoh ke manchestee


Originally released by AGE back in 1998, the soundtrack recordings has gone public long before the actual film's release in the country. It has also been the launching pad for at least two bands currently active and well-known in the local music scene – Koffin Kanser, The Republic of Brickfields and also the Japan-based Damage Digital.

Featuring 12 songs interpersed with snippets of dialogue from the movie, the soundtrack also features the original recording of The Swallows' La O Be, a tune so popular in Germany back in 1964 that it was on the country's top ten charts!

The soundtrack was commissioned by Hishamuddin Rais after constantly attending a lot of the underground gigs in KL, checking out the scene and even joining in on the pogo-floor. With no budget to spare, the recording was done cheaply at a small studio in Petaling Jaya, with the bands lending their time and songs for free.

All of the musicians in the bands involved (apart from Damage Digital and The Swallows) were actually staying at the same flat in Brickfields, then a hive for underground bands, fanzines and promoters. It is also the building where Hishamuddin Rais would pass through everyday on his morning walk to his office in Bangsar Utama.

The film however doesn't just feature the recordings on this particular release, a lot more music from other bands underground and "overground" were added in later by Hisham with the help of Kamil Othman, then a well-known "alternative rock" DJ at Time Highway Radio.

The soundtrack is no longer available but there are plans to rerelease it again very soon.


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