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ricecooker webzine
gigs, reviews, articles, pixs & more

unclogged OFFLINE
a series of gigs in kuala lumpur
[currently on hiatus]

kwkl | kakiwayangkakilima
organisers of KONTOT [Short Film Fest]
& DEODORAMA [free film shows in kl]

carburetor dung
a dead kerbau kicked alive | myspace

dari jemapoh ke manchestee
the movie directed by ex-ISA detainee
Hishamuddin Rais

friends of dungpeople

maharajah commission
hopelessly unhinged rolling stones wanna-be

death ray cosmic sonic wankers

knot records
d.i.y label built from a-ringgit-a-day savings!

food not bombs kl
free food for the masses, as it should be!

universiti bangsar utama
political activism with lotsa fun!

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malaysian diy punk + hardcore resource


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AGE – head just above water record label

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